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zoids genesis GOOD FO' YOU! 
03:15pm 16/11/2005

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08:10pm 08/08/2005
  "Twenty years we've been digging. Twenty Years. I can tell my recruits think I'm crazy."

"What makes you say that sir?"

"Look at them, their faces say everything. Sometimes I even have doubts myself."

"But sir, you were positive about this before."

"I know. Once I found Brandon Delveer's paperwork I knew I would find what I was searching for. But what if he was lying, what if he hid them some where else? Not under the God forsaken valcano? Many men have died for this cause, why should we keep going?"

Just then a digger came sprinting out out of the cave, knocking over several carts full of cooled molten rock and dirt.

"Mr. Baird! Mr. Baird!" He gasped "We, we found them."

"Don't kid boy."

"No it's the truth, come on hurry."

Sabastion Baird looked at his faithful assistant Dr. Edward G. Sheldon, for only a moment before running into the cave. They took a railcar 30 miles down into the earth under the long dormant Mt. Suoh. At the end was more than he ever expected. Zoid capsules half buried in the rock and rubble glew dimly, lighting up the large chamber. Sabastion fell to his knees and began to cry. The moment he's been waiting for had come at last, but still he knew he would pay the price of hell after death for what he'd acomplished.

Ooo. Spooky. The beginning of zoids: The shadow liger's legacy part 4 "The Seeds"

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07:34pm 28/04/2005
  Rufus has a woof-woof,
it's tall, and strong and red,
and When we find a new toy
we take it's little head

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01:32pm 11/03/2005
mood: cheerful
YAY I can update now! Anyway, I thought we could make stories about Rufus and post them here vs. the site sitting doing nothing. I will start a story then other members can write off of it. So, when I write this someone can write a continuim. and then some one will write again and so on and so forth. It'll be fun!
here we go!

The evening sky above took over day and Rufus watched the sun hide deep behind the desert horizon. The crisp night air surrounded him and he took it in and shivered.
A warm blanket was wrapped around him and took him by surprise. He turned to see only his mother stood behind him lit by the stars.
"Mommy, where does the sun go when it hides?"
She smilied and shook her head. "I don't know, it's a good hider though, huh?"
"I'll say, I remember when I chased after it and I looked everywhere all night and still it couldn't find it and it came back up on the other side of the desert. It tricked me."
"Things just aren't meant to be I guess." said Riss, and she turned to leave. "Don't stay out to long Rufus. you don't want to catch cold."
Just before his mom stepped back into the room, he said, "I'll find the sun one day."
Rufus and Daniel ran in their zoids side by side fighting the enemies the base had provided. After the last of them was destroyed, the fire fox jumped into the air and strecthed it's body and toes. The liger zero roared in triumph, and Daniels face appeared on Rufus's screen
"Hi toy!" Said Rufus joyfully. "Good training today."
"Yeah, you too." Said Daniel.
Just then Herman's face appeared next. Before he could say a word, Rufus pipped out, "Toy's daddy Flathead!"
"Um, yeah," Said Herman obviously annoyed at his new nickname, "Listen you two, our radar's has picked up something near your position, it doesn't seem hostile, but we'd like you to check it out anyway."

Who wants to take it from here?

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bug bug bug 
03:56pm 12/02/2005
mood: yaaaay rufus
so this is a community for the people who have read b.bs third zoids story and are in love with rufus! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

brrrrrrr rufush

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